Trial By Fire

Real Rider Testimonials

To The Nines Jacket

I wanted to thank your company tremendously for helping with keeping my body protected. A few days ago I was in a motorcycle accident and air lifted to a trauma center. A guy showing off lost control and landed on the back of my bike which in turn sent my bike and myself air born. I was wearing a padded Speed and Strength "To The Nines" jacket and although I did end up with broken ribs and a bruised lung the injuries would have been far worse had I not had your jacket on. I would not have survived had I not had my helmet on but being the maker of the jacket I wanted you to know how well your product served me. It is now of course ruined but I wanted you to know how thankful I am that I purchased that jacket from you guys. Thanks again so much for offering such great protection. Sincerely grateful for Speed and Strength,

- Pam

Life Saving Helmet

I had recently bought a helmet from your company a few months back. Well just this past Friday I was in a bad motorbike crash and I have to say thank you for making an awesome product! The helmet saved my life! The buckle system you have worked great it never loosened up. It took quite a beating but saved my face and life! I can't thank you guys enough for making such a awesome product. Once I have enough money saved up to get my bike back on the road I will certainly be buying another helmet from your company. You have me sold on your product and I will be a life long buyer from you guys! Thank you again very much!

- Josh

Spine Saved

Around two years ago I was in a major motorcycle wreck. I had one of your jackets on and it saved my spine.

- Leroy

SS1500 Helmet

Hello, I bought the ss1500 helmet and just wanted to say thank you for making such a high quality helmet. I was in an accident a few days ago, (cut off and brake checked in the rain) if it weren't for you guys I really would have suffered serious brain injuries or probably died due to head injury. I just want to say you've made a completely loyal and faithful customer out of me.
Thank You and keep up the amazing product


Head On Collision

I was in a head on collision with a car at highway speeds October 1st 2011. My pelvis was shattered from the impact with the gas tank and both hands were almost completely broken off. Despite going head first into the car's windshield and roof I didn't suffer any head/neck/spine injuries. I don't think I've even had so much of a headache since the accident. My left leg is paralyzed but this is due to the broken bones in my pelvis damaging nerves that control that leg.
I have wanted to say thank you to the Speed & Strength team for manufacturing a high quality product which is very functional at a reasonable price. Whoever is able to read this, please pass my thanks along to those within the company. My family and especially my 17 year old daughter are very grateful for the fact that your helmet literally saved my life.
Take care,

- Curry

Helmets Save Lives

My nephew was in a fatal accident three days ago and lived. He has more than multiple bones broken and is very lucky to be alive. A large part of that I thankfully say is to your helmet. Had he not been wearing it I believe it would have been a very different outcome.
From me and my family I would just like to say thank you for saving his life.

- Chandler

Hit and Run

On December 07, 2009 I was hit from behind while turning into a right hand lane. The driver only stopped to say, "you should slow down next time." And left me there on the ground. Why any of this matters? Is because that morning I put on my jacket, my SS jacket. I never wear it cause I live in FL. Its too damn hot to wear a jacket! :D But because I was wearing my SS jacket I got to keep my skin on my right arm, my back was protected, and I got up with only a skinned knee. So to you SPEED AND STRENGTH I thank you. I never realized how important my jacket was until that day. Once I get back on my bike, Im gonna wear that damn jacket everyday! So again, and I feel I cant say it enough, THANK YOU!

- Estephen

Wrecked my motorcycle

Keep up the good work with a very great product! I wrecked my motorcycle on friday and I was very glad I was wearing your jacket I purchased.
Again thank you and love your product!!

- Kyle

Moment of Truth

I just wanted to say thanks for making such a good quality product. I was wearing a Speed and Strength Moment of Truth leather jacket ( a Black XL if you collect information for research) on Oct 17th while riding on a County road in Wisconsin. A dump truck pulled out in front of me when I was going 55-60 miles per hour. I had a split second, and I ended up high-siding, landing square on my left shoulder and slid on my shoulder and head for at least 75 feet. My left shoulder was injured, and I was taken to the hospital in an ambulance. I ended up having surgery, and will be ok in time. The doctors said that the quality equipment I was wearing certainly saved my life, to which I agree. When I am able to, I will buy another Speed and Strength jacket, as I am satisfied with how well it protected me from more serious injury. I am grateful, and if there is anything I can do to assist in the collection of crash data I would be happy to do so.
Thanks again!

- Adam

Taken to Hell N' Back

Thanks for the great product!! I have a Hell and Back textile jacket that I love(d). It certainly did its job. Last week while on my way back home from a twisty ride I had the terrible misfortune of hitting an Oil slick in the beginning of a curve. I went down so fast I hardly knew what happened. I was going the speed limit, so about 45. Yikes, it was like someone took a baseball bat to the bottom of my bike and knocked it right out from under me. The bike slid quite a ways as did I. I slid primarily on my right side. The Hell and back jacket held up remarkably well, the rubber emblems were worn down as if burned, the fabric and zippers managed to survive, albeit with oil and grease all over the sleeve and bottom right of the jacket. The textile pants I was wearing (from another manufacturer) did not fair as well, however, they too, did their job. Thanks so much for your wonderful product and for saving my skin... Literally. The Hell and Back jacket, took me to Hell, but brought me Back!!! Hope to hear back soon!!! Safe riding to you all!!!

- Mtnviper

Twist of Fate saves skin

Hey, I just wanted to say thank for your superb and skilled craftsmanship and quality of your "Twist of Fate" jacket it saved a lot of my skin in this crash I had about a week ago. If you want i can send you photos of your product how it totally took the beating and saved my ass, and all I walked alway with was a tiny amount of road rash and a bent up collarbone.


Stoplight Accident

I was wearing one of your riding jackets when a car hit me at a stoplight. The armor and jacket saved me from more serious injures. Thanks for the great product.

- John

No Injuries!

I just wanted to extend a heartfelt thank you for making such a well made jacket. It saved my life last week! I was involved in a motorcycle accident last Wednesday and literally had NO injuries to my upper body! Congrats on making a successful product!


New Jacket

I just purchased a new Speed and Strength leather Moment of Truth Jacket and I Love it! Your product is Fantastic!!
Thanks Very Much!

- Pete

Bad Motorcycle Accident

My name is Misty my brother rides motorcycle and last Sunday he was in a bad motorcycle accident he was wearing a coat from you guys with the built in pads for motorcycle riding and I wanted to let you know that coat SAVED his life!! His arms, back, and chest were not affected at all! We thank you for selling such a great coat!! We are planning a benefit for him and your coat will be mentioned!! His coat was wrecked when the EMT's cut it off of him to work on him.
I just thought I would say thank you for selling such great coats!

- Misty

Hang Em' High at 55/MPH

I would like to personally thank you all at Speed and Strength for the well designed and made jackets that kept me from being seriously injured when I fell from my bike at 55mph. I had almost no road rash on my body, and didn't break my shoulder or arms. I was wearing your mesh Hang'em High jacket and it withstood the 200 feet I slid on the pavement. I could have still wore it if it wasn't cut off in the ER. Thank you again for the products you make.


Wheelie Crash

I just wanted to say that your gear is the best. It saved my ass when I went stunting a few weeks back. Up on a wheelie the rear tire got away form me and I slid for what seemed forever across the asphalt right into a park bench. Hurt like hell but because of your gear I was able to get up and walk away. Just lettin' y'all know... your gear is extremely resilient and awesome!!!

- Andrew

Hang Em' High

Well figured I'd say thanks. Crashed my bike the other day wearing your Textile Hang 'em High Jacket at 65mph(est.) And woke up in the ER. With good road rash, after seeing how well the jacket held up to the crash, I figured I'd say thanks for a good combination of breathable/protective jacket. Slid 20 feet on my face, and chest. The Jacket Held up real good, just got some minor rashing on my stomach where my long body wasn't covered by the Jacket.
Thanks again, the jacket saved my nipple, and alot of dirt scrubbing on my chest.

- Mitch